Our Year 24 Individual Placement Application is now closed.

Check back in Spring 2023 to learn how to apply to host an Individual Placement.

Individual Placements are an opportunity for an organization to have a member serve with you weekly for the duration of the program year.  Members are available to work on special projects for your organization that fall within our focus areas.

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Prospective IP Service Partners


April 6, 2022 10:00 AM
April 7, 2022 2:00 PM
Organizations applying for an Individual Placement MUST attend a Request for Proposals Release Webinar.
April 22, 2022 Organizations that would like to have draft proposals reviewed by ACC staff, need to submit the application through the link and email phoebe.plank@barnstablecounty.org to notify the submission is for feedback.
April 29, 2022 Feedback on draft proposals will be returned to Service Partners.
May 9-13, 2022 Proposals reviewed by ACC Staff and ACC Advisory Board.
June 1, 2022 Latest that notification is emailed to applicants of selected proposals.
Early September 2022 AmeriCorps Cape Cod Year 24 program begins.
Late September 2022 Member pledge ceremony and Individual Placement Service Partner Orientation (mandatory).
Early October 2022 Individual Placements begin.
Mid-July 2023 Individual Placements end.
Late July 2023 Member graduation.

We provide Individual Placements Tuesdays-Thursdays, one, two, or three days a week.  In some cases, members will be placed with multiple Placements to fill out a consistent weekly schedule (one-day and two- day a week placements).  Individual Placements for each year are determined through a competitive Request for Proposal process during the spring prior to the program year.

Contact Program Specialist, Phoebe Plank, at phoebe.plank@barnstablecounty.org with questions regarding Individual Placements.

Individual Placement Expectations and the Proposal Process

  • An Individual Placement should be a project with defined critical need that is compatible with the AmeriCorps Cape Cod’s identified focus areas of natural resource management, disaster preparedness/response, environmental education, and volunteer engagement.
  • Service Partners must submit an Individual Placement Proposal for consideration by the staff and Advisory Board of the AmeriCorps Cape Cod program.
  • If selected, Service Partners must provide their assigned member with an orientation to the site. The orientation should include general expectations, goals, and purpose of the placement, background information about the site and an introduction to service site staff. The assigned member should be given a detailed introduction to assigned duties, member workspace, tool or other equipment use, written materials or reports to be used as resources, safety hazards, and potential growth of the project to include outside volunteers.
  • AmeriCorps Cape Cod members are not employees or interns of the service site. They are AmeriCorps Cape Cod members performing service at an assigned service site. A members’ ultimate responsibilities and allegiance are to the Corps and its objectives. AmeriCorps members should not displace regular employees on a service site.
  • Service Partners must provide on-site supervision in the form of continual training, support, instruction, and technical assistance, so members may satisfactorily complete projects. Service Partners are responsible for the safety at a service site and should take care to ensure that appropriate safety precautions have been taken.
  • Individual Placements should provide adequate service-related tasks to ensure optimal use of members’ skills, time and effort and should provide an atmosphere where members feel comfortable and accepted at the service site.
  • The Service Organization must provide access to the service site for AmeriCorps Cape Cod staff to perform monitoring visits.
  • Service Partners should expect to meet and talk with AmeriCorps Cape Cod staff and assigned member to review the progress of placement, obstacles to overcome, changes to be made and opportunities for growth. Service Partners should maintain open communication with member and program staff.
  • Service Partners must evaluate assigned member using AmeriCorps Cape Cod’s evaluation tools and complete a summary report at the completion of the service year.