In honor of National County Government Month, we want to spread awareness of the purpose of Barnstable County.

How much do you truly understand about your local, regional government and the essential role it serves on Cape Cod? Dive deeper and discover more by watching our video, which outlines the structure of the county government and the variety of services we offer to our region.

National County Government Month 2024

National County Government Month (NCGM) is an annual celebration of county government held each April, with the aim of promoting county roles and responsibilities in serving residents. Since 1991, the National Association of Counties (NACo) has encouraged counties to actively participate in this celebration. In 2024, the theme for NCGM is “Forward Together,” reflecting on the pillars of county government – connecting, inspiring, and leading. 

Barnstable County: A Legacy of Service and Innovation 

Established in 1685, Barnstable County is one of the oldest counties in the United States, embodying a rich history of service and governance. As we celebrate National County Government Month, we honor our past and embrace the future, committed to moving “Forward Together.”

Forward Together: Connecting, Inspiring, Leading

➡️ Connecting Communities At the core of Cape Cod, Barnstable County acts as a unifying force, weaving together the 15 towns with support and collaboration. Whether it’s through enhancing public health, responding to emergencies, or conserving our waterways, our commitment is to the health and success of all our residents.

➡️ Inspiring Futures Our departments are at the forefront of fostering sustainable growth and caring for the environment. Through initiatives in land use, economic growth, and protecting our natural resources, we’re lighting the path to a sustainable and prosperous Cape Cod.

➡️ Leading Boldly With the Board of Regional Commissioners and the Assembly of Delegates steering, Barnstable County stands as a beacon of effective service and forward-thinking leadership. Addressing today’s challenges with innovative solutions, we pave the way in regional governance.


Meet County Department Directors

Each week in April, we’ll introduce you to a few County Directors. Learn about their department’s missions.

Meet Beth Albert, our County Administrator. Learn about her role in overseeing the departments at Barnstable County.

Meet Sean O’Brien, Director of the Department of Health & Environment. Learn how this department is making a difference.

Meet Bill Traverse, Director of Information Technology at Barnstable County. Learn more about IT’s mission.

Meet Carol Coppola, Finance Director at Barnstable County. Learn more about their mission.

Meet Kat Garofoli, Program Manager at AmeriCorps Cape Cod. Learn more about ACC’s mission.

Meet Jack Meade, Barnstable County Register of Deeds. Learn more about the Registry’s mission.


Meet Joe Pacheco, Director of Human Services. Learn more about this department’s mission.

Meet Mike Maguire, Director of Cape Cod Cooperative Extension. Learn more about this department’s mission.

Meet Stacy Gallagher, Director of Children’s Cove. Learn more about this department’s mission.



Meet Brian Baumgaertel, Director of Massachusetts Alternative Septic System Test Center. Learn more about MASSTC’s mission.

Meet Leslie Dominguez-Santos, Coordinator at the Human Rights Advisory Commission. Learn more about their mission.

Meet Donald Reynolds, Director of Facilities. Learn more about this department’s mission.


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