Barnstable County AmeriCorps Cape Cod members are divided between four residences across Cape Cod. To learn more about the residential aspect of the program, please check the residential life page.

ACC members respond to a wide variety of requests from community partners who submit proposals requesting group service projects and individualized site placement projects. Each week throughout the year, group service projects occur weekly on Mondays and Fridays. Individual site placement days and community engagement days occur Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays.

During group service projects, members respond to large-scale Environmental Stewardship needs in small groups (5-6) or with the entire 24 member corps. During site placement days, members serve individually with local, state, federal, and non-profit entities to build capacity by creating volunteer land and water stewardship groups.

For more information on our focus areas or for more examples of group projects, click HERE.

Individual Placement Weekly Diagram

Group Service

For the General Corps, Group Service projects involve serving alongside you housemates and often with members from another residence to meet the needs of a Service Partner organization. Typically, these projects are focused on land management activities (such a removal of invasive plant species), aquaculture (assisting municipal shellfish departments with propagation and harvest of shellfish), or environmental education (teaching elementary and middle school students about water conservation).

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What is an Individual Placement?

IPs are a fantastic professional development opportunity. Serving in a professional office setting or out in the field, members will get to take the lead on projects that can vary from volunteer program development, land management development & implementation, research, event planning, and more!  Members will get to serve under our Service Partners: municipal & non-profit employees who act as supervisors/mentors for our members on their year-long IP journey.

For the most part, each member is assigned to their own unique service site, however, a few of our placements may carry multiple members.  On some occasions, members may be assigned to multiple sites and rotate between them during their member year, depending on project needs.

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Prospective Members

To make sure our applicants are applying for the entire experience, we recruit for the program as a whole rather than for specific placements.  If accepted into the AmeriCorps Cape Cod program, you will spend your first few weeks learning about the placements we have selected for your year.  You will have the chance to discuss the placements with our staff, and together we will determine the best fit for you.  If you are interested in what sorts of placements we typically have, check out the list below of the placements from this program year.

Disclaimer: Although many of our placements reapply and remain year to year, we also have new placements that come along and replace others.  Therefore any past placement (or corresponding project) listed below may not be a placement for the upcoming year.

To read more about this year’s individual placements, click HERE