A non-profit, antipoverty, human service/social action agency. provides a variety of services to low-income individuals and families to help them Community Action Committeeimprove the quality of their lives and achieves self-sufficiency. Established in 1965 as one of Massachusetts’ 25 Community Action Agencies.

An educational organization providing a full range of instructional and support services to the students, parents and public school staff of our 19 member districts, whose needs are best addressed through a multi-district effort. Our student services include: alternative education programs for low incident, special needs populations; programs for the multi-handicapped; therapy and services for students requiring specialized support; and a full range of transportation services for both the special needs and general education population.

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Enriching the lives of students by promoting volunteerism, creating impactful programs, and forging community partnerships.

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A network of over 370 mentoring and youth development programs statewide.

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A coalition of parents, professionals, and community members working together to support and enrich the lives of young children and families. Our goal is to promote affordable, accessible, high-quality services and programs for all families in our community.


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