The Barnstable County Human Rights Advisory Commission Announces
October 25th, 2022
A joint presentation with Cape Mediation’s Youth Conflict Resolution Program
Trained Students from Nauset Regional HS’s HRA/HEARD program
(Honors · Exploring · And ·Respecting Differences)

Students from the Human Rights Clubs or other student community-service clubs in High Schools, Middle Schools, and Tech Schools across the Cape are invited to attend. Attendees will be introduced to basic conflict—resolution techniques and viewpoints meant to improve civility, mutual tolerance, and respect. The students can then return to their schools energized to share these skills with their fellow students.

Please have your students complete the registration form to give us an estimate of how many students to plan for on October 25th for the fall Human Rights Academy!

For more information please contact the Human Rights Coordinator Leslie Dominguez-Santos at or (508) 375-6611.

Learn more about the Human Rights Academy and the session this fall!

Students from all over Cape Embrace Human Rights

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Kate Epperly, VP, BCHRAC

Kate Epperly, VP, BCHRAC, sets up a table for the Human Rights Academy.