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Honoring the USS Barnstable County LST 1197: 30th Anniversary Reunion

This summer, the Navy Reunion Group from the USS Barnstable County LST 1197 will gather for their 30th anniversary reunion. Following the decommissioning of the USS Barnstable County in 1994, these retired Naval members have met annually to celebrate their shared history and service. Timothy Sleasman, President of the Navy Reunion Group, recently informed the Administration office of this significant event.

In recognition of this occasion, patches commemorating the namesake ship were sent to each of the Commissioners. In response, and as a show of appreciation, the County Commissioners have authorized the creation of Certificates of Recognition for the naval officers of the USS Barnstable County LST 1197. This action was recommended by the Administration office to honor the service and dedication these individuals have shown to the United States Navy.

A starboard bow view of the tank landing ship USS BARNSTABLE COUNTY (LST-1197), after landing on the beach during Exercise Crisex ’81.

The upcoming reunion serves as an opportunity for these veterans to come together and reflect on their time aboard the USS Barnstable County. The certificates will formally acknowledge their commitment and the sacrifices they made while serving.

We extend our thanks to the members of the USS Barnstable County LST 1197 for their service. Your dedication to meeting annually highlights the strong bonds forged during your service.

Here’s to a memorable 30th anniversary reunion for the Navy Reunion Group of the USS Barnstable County LST 1197.

Fun Facts About USS Barnstable County (LST 1197)

  1. Class and Homeport: The USS Barnstable County was the 19th ship in the Newport-class of Tank Landing Ships and was homeported at the Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek, Virginia.
  2. Spanish Navy Service: After its decommissioning from the U.S. Navy, the ship was leased to the Spanish Navy and renamed HERNÁN CORTÉZ (L 41) on August 26, 1994.
  3. Construction Timeline:
    • Keel Laid: December 19, 1970
    • Launched: October 2, 1971
    • Commissioned: May 27, 1972
    • Decommissioned: June 29, 1994
  4. Builder: The ship was built by the National Steel and Shipbuilding Company in San Diego, California.
  5. Power and Speed: Powered by 6 diesel engines generating 16,000 horsepower, the USS Barnstable County could reach speeds of up to 20 knots.
  6. Size: The ship measured 522 feet in length and had a beam of 70 feet, making it a sizable vessel for its class.
  7. Aircraft Capability: It featured a helicopter platform, allowing it to support rotary-wing aircraft operations.
  8. Armament: The ship was equipped with one 20mm Phalanx Close-In Weapon System (CIWS) and four 3-inch/.50-caliber guns for defense.
  9. Crew and Troop Capacity: The USS Barnstable County was manned by 14 officers and 210 enlisted personnel, and could also embark approximately 350 troops.

The USS Barnstable County served with distinction, both in the U.S. Navy and later in the Spanish Navy, leaving a legacy of versatility and strength.

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