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Dangerously Cold Air Mass Expected Late Friday into Saturday

A Wind Chill Watch has been issued for much of the region where wind chills may drop to -20F to -40F late Friday night and Saturday morning. In addition, gale force winds and widespread moderate to heavy freezing spray is expected on the coastal waters. 

Plan Accordingly!

Stay warm indoors to prevent frostbite and hypothermia. If you must go outside, plan to dress properly. Keep your nose, ears, cheeks, chin, fingers, and toes covered in warm, dry clothing. These areas are the first to be at risk for frostbite.

Read these tips from CDC to AVOID, SPOT, and TREAT frostbite & hypothermia.

Prepare your home! Make sure smoke and CO detectors are working and have fresh batteries. Calk/weather strip windows and doors to keep cold out.

Prepare your car! Pack jumper cables, extra warm layers/blankets, and your emergency kit.

Plan to check on loved ones and neighbors to make sure they are staying warm. This is especially important for older adults and babies.

“Ice and snow, take it slow”. Remember, winter driving can be hazardous! Slow down to keep yourself and everyone on the road safe.

“Ice and snow, take it slow” applies for walking around your own home or walking to and from your car. Slips, trips and falls from icy conditions can cause serious injury. Make sure slippery surfaces are treated with sand or salt. Use handrails when walking up or down stairs or along a sloping walkway. Walk slowly and take small steps. Wear appropriate footwear with rough, rubber, slip resistant soles.

Don’t forget your pets! Even with a natural fur coat, winter can be deadly for your pets unless proper care is given. Keep them indoors whenever possible. When outside, keep them bundled up; limit time outside and thoroughly clean paws when bringing them inside. Salt and deicers on sensitive paws can be harmful to your pet!

For more tips on staying safe during winter weather events, visit Winter Weather |

For the full forecast from NWS Boston, visit Boston / Norton, MA (