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Your Winter Wellness Routine Needs This One Important Thing

Temperatures are dropping. Do you feel like you’re more likely to get sick in the winter months? While this may be true, it isn’t directly caused by cold temperatures. Winter weather forces many of us to spend more time inside, closer to one another in drier air. These conditions give viruses and germs more opportunities to spread and make us sick. 

The winter months are typically cold and flu season (flu often peaks between December and February). Last winter, the virus that causes COVID-19 also had a large “wave” of increased spread, and the very contagious and infectious virus (and its variants) will likely continue to spread this winter, alongside flu viruses.

Before you get that scratchy feeling in your throat, there ARE some things you can do to boost your immune system’s ability to keep you feeling healthy this winter. Some of these winter wellness tips might feel like advice you’ve heard before, but that’s because they’re proven ways to keep your immune system healthy. 

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