image of barnstable county courthouse

Comprehensive Financial Reports

Barnstable County is the first county government in Massachusetts to undertake the preparation of this comprehensive financial report.  This undertaking further exhibits the County’s commitment to transparency and full disclosure within its financial reporting.  The report is relevant, timely, understandable, reliable and comparable to other governmental entities.  It contains sections which elaborate on the County governance, challenges and celebrations as well as a comprehensive financial audit report and a statistical section exhibiting financial trends, revenue capacity, operational, demographic, and economic data.

Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR) of Barnstable County, Massachusetts for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2023, together with the report of our independent certified public accountants, Powers & Sullivan, LLC. This report is published to provide the Board of Regional Commissioners, Assembly of Delegates, citizens, county staff and other readers with detailed information about the financial position and results of operations of the County, and to demonstrate the fiscal and operational accountability in the use of County resources.