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Cape and Islands Regional Network on Homelessness Releases 2024 Annual Point in Time Homeless Count

June 3, 2024 (Barnstable, MA) – The Cape and Islands Regional Network on Homelessness, a broad-based public/private partnership committed to identifying and implementing solutions to end homelessness on Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket, has released its 2024 findings from the Annual Point in Time Count, which took place the night of January 23rd. The complete results of the 2024 PIT are available at Point in Time Count | Barnstable County, Cape Cod

The Point in Time (PIT) Count is a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) mandated activity for all Continuums of Care during the last 10 days of January. Data collection and submission to HUD is a function of the Barnstable County Department of Human Services. 

The PIT counts people experiencing homelessness in emergency shelters, transitional housing, motels (if paid for by an agency), on the street, in cars, in abandoned buildings, and in other places not meant for human habitation. The Count collects information on the age, gender, disability, race, ethnicity, and veteran status of the individuals and families included in the count. The PIT does not count individuals or families who are doubled-up and/or living with family and friends. 

On Cape Cod and the Islands, the total number of homeless individuals (adults and children, sheltered and unsheltered) counted on the night of January 23rd was 568, an increase of 141 from the previous year. This increase is reflected most notably in the number of people in Emergency Assistance (EA) family shelters, which increased by 34 families and 125 individuals. The total number of unsheltered individuals also increased from 32 to 76. This increase can be attributed to warm weather conditions on the night of the count. Winter response shelter overflow resources are triggered when the “feels like” temperature drops below 32°. The temperature on the day of January 23rd ranged between 35° and 40°. As such, the number of sheltered individuals (who would have access to hotels in colder conditions) decreased from 120 to 97 individuals. 

According to Joseph Pacheco, Director of Human Services for Barnstable County, “The Point in Time Count is a community-wide effort and serves as a guide in both planning and allocation of resources. Annual data collection helps ensure we have a better understanding of the number and demographics of the homeless population and allows us to focus on emerging trends.” 

Barnstable County Department of Human Services would like to thank our partner agencies across the Cape and Islands for their assistance in collecting information during the PIT count, including Harbor Homes of Martha’s Vineyard, Housing Assistance Corporation, Homeless Prevention Council, Belonging to Each Other, the Nantucket Warming Center, Catholic Charities of Fall River, Vinfen, Independence House, and Community Action Committee of Cape Cod and the Islands. 


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