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$13.7 Million in County Department ARPA Projects Proposed, and $5 Million ARPA Competitive Grants Process Moves to Application Phase

October 26, 2022 (Barnstable, MA) – At its meeting today the Barnstable County Regional Board of Commissioners reviewed a list of projects proposed by County departments totaling $13.7 million and was briefed on the progress of the County’s $5 million competitive grants process.  Both tranches are to be funded by $41.4 million in American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds received by the County from the US Treasury.

The County projects were first discussed and recommended for approval by the Barnstable County ARPA Advisory Committee on 10/13/22. 

Six departments proposed 18 projects with regional benefit: Finance Department, Commissioners Office, Department of Health & Environment, Cape Cod Commission; Human Services Department, and the County Dredge.

Proposed County ARPA projects fall into the following expenditure categories:

The Board of Commissioners will continue to review the projects at an upcoming meeting.

Between 8/24/22 and 9/30/22 the County received 122 Letters of Intent (LOIs) totaling over $40 million from Cape Cod organization with interest in applying for $5 million in small and medium-sized competitive grants.  Grants will be funded from County ARPA funds in amounts between $100,000 and $500,000.  The total funding amount of $5 million was appropriated in early August.

County staff reviewed the LOI submissions against criteria provided by the ARPA Advisory Committee.  Forty projects totaling $14 million will move forward to the application phase via the County’s ARPA Online Application Portal.  Completed applications will then move through the County’s established 3-level review process.

Barnstable County’s American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) $5 million competitive grant program is available to non-county local government units, nonprofits, and private/for-profit organizations.  The grants will support the region’s economic recovery from COVID – 19 and address other approved funding priorities.

The proposed $13.7 million County projects and the $5 million grant program are in addition to $10 million in Barnstable County APRA grants currently available to the 15 towns on Cape Cod.

Since May 2022, Barnstable County has awarded 7 grants to 6 towns totaling $6,713,682.81. 

Barnstable County received $41.4 million in ARPA funds from the US Treasury, and the 15 towns in Barnstable County have, collectively, received an additional $26.1 million in ARPA funds. 

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