The Barnstable Registry accepts electronically filed Recorded Land instruments and Land Court Documents pursuant to the provisions of the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) and MGL c110G.

Here is an overview of how electronic recording works:

  • Fill out and file Submitter Agreement with Register’s Office.
  • Sign up with one of our authorized “intermediaries” (see list below).
  • Conduct closing at your office and scan original instrument to create an electronic image.
  • Log on to intermediary’s secure website and select either Barnstable Registry or Barnstable Land Court.
  • Follow Intermediary’s instructions to upload the instrument image you just created and send your file.
  • At the registry, your instrument image and data pop up on one of our recording terminals. It will be reviewed in the order it is received with no priority over live in-person recordings.
  • We review the package for the quality of the image and the accuracy of your data.
  • We accept or reject the instrument and the transaction is EITHER indexed with recording data and instrument image available on our website OR returned to you with an explanation as to why it was rejected.
  • Once your document has been reviewed and accepted for recording, you will get an electronic receipt with all recording information along with an electronic copy of the recorded instrument.
  • Fees are paid by electronic funds transfer from you to the intermediary to us.

If you wish to begin submitting documents electronically, you must enroll with one of the following companies and submit your instruments through their respective recording interfaces. Please contact the companies directly for further information about their services.