Welcome to the TRAIN Learning Network

MRC-TRAIN is a learning management system with a centralized, searchable database of courses relevant to the Medical Reserve Corps. Through TRAIN, users have access to hundreds of public health courses from nationally recognized course providers. Courses are offered in the form of web-based learning, on-site learning, and satellite broadcasts. A user can browse this course listing or perform a search by keyword, subject area, course provider, or competency.

Learning is captured in the form of a personal, printable online transcript that is maintained for every user. The database of learner records can be queried to generate tailored reports with regard to course rosters and individual learning, making TRAIN a valuable tool for the management of public health workforce/volunteer development.

MRC-TRAIN Registration Steps

  1. Open the MRC-TRAIN website using the link above. NOTE: it is recommended that you use Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7 or greater and that you have JavaScript enabled.
  2. Click the “Create Account” button in the left-hand menu.
  3. Read and agree to the site policies.
  4. Fill out the applicable personal information.
  5. For the field marked “Organization Name”, type “Cape Cod Medical Reserve Corps”.
  6. For the field marked “Department/Division, type “MRC”.
  7. Click “Next”.