How does MRC serve our community?

From 2020 to the present, the Cape Cod MRC has focused its efforts on COVID-19 response and outreach throughout the region. At the height of the pandemic, MRC volunteers delivered groceries to the elderly and high-risk individuals throughout the Cape, served breakfast to homeless individuals at the Federated Church of Hyannis and Duffy Health Center, contributed to 3D printing and distribution of face masks, picked up and delivered donations of personal protective equipment to frontline workers, and staffed a regional helpline to answer the public’s questions related to COVID-19. Cape Cod MRC volunteers also staffed and managed many of the County-run vaccine and testing clinics, which helped thousands of community members stay protected during the pandemic.

Going forward, the Cape Cod MRC hopes to resume its pre-pandemic functions, which include CPR and Choke Saver training for volunteers, tick education to summer camp staff, first aid and medical support to public functions, community education and outreach, and emergency preparedness in partnership with the Barnstable County Regional Emergency Planning Committee.

What can MRC volunteers do?

Support public health, while advancing the priorities of the U.S. Surgeon General:

  • Promote disease prevention
  • Improve health literacy
  • Eliminate health disparities
  • Enhance public health preparedness
  • Train with local emergency partners
  • Participate in mass immunizations
  • Support emergency response in disaster situations and more….

Why join an MRC?

When a significant event impacts us, whether it is a hurricane, earthquake, pandemic, or terrorist event, many people want to help out. While well-intentioned, spontaneous volunteers are usually not pre-credentialed, pre-trained, or connected to a larger system to sustain themselves. This poses a safety problem for the other responders in an emergency situation. One goal of the MRC is to ensure that members are identified, screened, trained, and prepared prior to their participation in any activity.