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Nurse Alex Spreads Tick and Lyme Awareness by Giving ‘Tick Talks’ to Children in Local Schools

Tick populations are abundant on Cape Cod, putting residents and visitors at risk for any one of the various diseases ticks carry. Our Public Health Nursing Division’s goal is to intensify awareness about ticks; what they look like, their preferred habitats, how to perform a tick-check, and prevention strategies for avoiding bites. This information is essential for helping Cape Cod’s youngest residents take an active role in tick-borne disease prevention; for themselves, their families, and the community.

The Public Health Nursing Division offers free 30-minute educational tick & Lyme awareness presentations to Cape Cod schools and community groups that are specifically tailored to the audience and age group. Interested in learning more? Call us at (508) 375-6617.

Our new tick nurse, Nurse Alex (pictured), has been busy in local schools giving potentially lifesaving Tick Talks to elementary-aged students. The presentations are geared towards various age groups and encourage the children to engage, ask questions, and have fun while learning about Cape Cod’s tiniest and most dangerous disease vectors.

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