image of barnstable county courthouse

Celebrating the Winners of the National County Government Month Photo Contest

April marked another successful National County Government Month, themed “Forward Together.” This year, we were thrilled to engage our community through the “Forward Together Photo Contest,” which showcased the stunning landscapes and vibrant community life of Cape Cod. Today, we are excited to announce the winners who captured the essence of connection, inspiration, and leadership through their lenses.

In the Adult Category, the top award went to Susan Evans for her evocative image, “Nobska Light at Dawn.” Susan’s ability to capture the serene mornings of Cape Cod left a remarkable impression. Not far behind, Sarah Cabe and Susan Evans again graced our top picks with their photos, “Sagamore Bridge in Winter” and “Low Tide at Skaket Beach.”

Susan Evans takes first place with her stunning capture of ‘Nobska Light at Dawn’.

Our Student Category shined with Keala McCarthy winning first place with “Lifeguard Winter Scene.” Following her were Hanna Thornton with “Greys Beach at Sunset” and Garrett Keenan with “Fire Trucks,” each bringing their unique perspective of Cape Cod.

Sarah Cabe is Runner Up with her winter scene at ‘Sagamore Bridge’.
Susan Evans is Runner Up with ‘Low Tide at Skaket Beach’.
In the Student Category, Keala McCarthy take First Place for her photo ‘Lifeguard Stand in Winter’.

These winning photographs will be featured in our 2024 Annual Report and on various digital platforms. We extend our deepest gratitude to all participants and encourage our community to look forward to more photo contests in the future.

Hanna Thornton is Runner Up with her ‘Greys Beach at Sunset’ photo.
Garrett Keenan is Runner Up with his ‘Fire Trucks’, capturing Hyannis Fire in action.