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Commissioner’s Proposed Fiscal Year 2025 Budget

Reflects Modest 1.9% Increase

February 15, 2024 (BARNSTABLE, MA) –   Yesterday, the Board of Regional Commissioners unanimously approved a $ 23,549,373 proposed Fiscal Year (FY) 25 General Fund Operating Budget, a modest 1.9% increase from the current year.  The proposed budget features level- funded services, no new employee positions, a 3% cost of living adjustment, and elimination of general fund subsidies for the Dredge Program.   “Given increases in health insurance and utility costs, departments dug deep to trim expenses to present a budget that allows us to continue to offer high quality services and programs.  County departments have increased efficiency using technology and contracted services, significantly improved capital planning, and continually seek federal and state grant opportunities to leverage and expand programs and services.” says County Administrator Beth Albert.  

In addition to approving the FY 25 General Fund Operating Budget, the Board also approved a proposed FY25 operating budget of $6.5 million for the Cape Cod Commission and a $2.7 million dollar Dredge operating budget.   All three budgets will now be considered by the Assembly of Delegates beginning on February 21, 2024.

The Board, continuing to implement prudent financial policies to ensure the long-term financial health of the County, also took action on two other important initiatives including establishing a Revenue Contingency Fund and committing $500,000 in annual funding to Other Post Employment Benefits (OPEB) through 2034, this measure was also supported by the Assembly of Delegates.

The Commissioners joined the Assembly of Delegates in advocation for increased Electric Vehicle (EV) infrastructure on Cape Cod.  Eastham Delegate Terry Gallagher stressed the urgent need for governmental support to prioritize fast-charging infrastructure in Barnstable County. “We are seeing more and more visitors arrive electric vehicles, people needing to charge them in 30 minutes and not a couple of hours. We need the fast chargers. We need them by 2030. It is time, it’s past time to start attracting money to build these.”   The letter, jointly signed by Chair Ronald Bergstrom and Speaker Patrick Princi, urges Governor Healey and the Cape Cod Legislative Delegation to address the demand for EV infrastructure, citing its crucial role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

In other news, the Board received a presentation on the Draft Regional Housing Strategy from Executive Director Kristy Senatori of the Cape Cod Commission, accompanied by Deputy Director Erin Perry and Chief Planner Chloe Schaefer.  The Regional Housing Strategy encompasses a range of recommendations aimed at tackling our region’s housing challenges. These recommendations include establishing a Regional Redevelopment Authority, offering financial incentives to convert and preserve year-round housing, encouraging the transformation of single-family homes into multifamily residences, implementing zoning changes, streamlining permitting processes, establishing land trusts, creating a Regional Home Sharing Program, providing financing for housing accessible to individuals earning between 80% and 120% of the Area Median Income (AMI), offering Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) loans, utilizing tax allocation strategies, establishing a regional investment pool, and exploring underutilized areas of Joint Base Cape Cod for potential housing development opportunities.

Chairman Ron Bergstrom stressed the importance of providing clear recommendations for towns to chart their course forward in a timely manner. “We require a well-defined plan… furnished with the essential resources and instructions to progress,” he emphasized, underscoring the urgency of timely action.

During deliberations about a potential Regional Redevelopment Authority, Commissioner Mark Forest committed his readiness to engage, “The Cape Cod Commission has outlined an impressive roadmap addressing a formidable challenge for all of us, and I am willing to roll up my sleeves.”

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