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Hurricane Season is Upon Us. Let’s Get Prepared!

Idalia (pronounced ee-dal-ya) is the first significant Atlantic storm of the year, and just ahead of the most active month of the hurricane season. While we don’t often get major hurricanes here on the Cape, it is possible, and the area has experienced Florida-like damage in the past because both regions are very flat both offshore and onshore.

As you can see from Idalia’s track, heavy rain and flooding from the storm extends inland, away from the coast. So, remember- if it rains on your home, it can flood!

Storms are unpredictable, but our readiness can make all the difference. Here are 3 things you can do to prepare:

☁️ Become familiar with your homeowner’s insurance policy. You do not want to have to figure this out while you’re trying to file a claim.
☁️ Consider Buying Flood Insurance. There is a 30-day waiting period before it becomes effective.
☁️ Create a Home Inventory. Pick-up or download our Homeowner Handbook to Prepare for Coastal Hazards here

Protect the life you’ve built! Visit as our Extension Woods Hole Sea Grant Flood Specialists can help you through this process. Also follow our Emergency Planning pages during all weather events