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Lenny Fontes: Making a Difference on the Cape & Islands

Meet Lenny Fontes, Associate Director of Children’s Cove.  Lenny has been at Children’s Cove since 2001, Barnstable County’s first Child Advocacy Center to work in partnership on Cape Cod to provide a comprehensive multidisciplinary response to child sexual abuse cases.

Since 2013 Lenny has been in a supervisory role, leading the direct service team and assisting families in need. He is driven to help children and guide them toward their first steps in recovery from complex trauma. He provides critical assistance to families, paying close attention to clients’ needs, partners’ requests, and identifying trends and best practices that will improve service delivery to the County.

[su_quote cite=”Lenny Fontes, Associate Director of Children’s Cove”]”In my career, I have seen our society make an important shift in how we deal with child sexual abuse. It is no longer a dark secret or a “non-discussable.” People are talking. Kids are reporting. Parents are informed. I find this to be the most satisfying. Knowing that we are making a difference for the individuals who we directly impact, and for the community.”[/su_quote]

Lenny’s hope is to empower children and young adults, giving them the voice and courage to report abuse. He is also optimistic towards his continued growth as a leader and the Cove’s continued success as an agency. He says, “I feel very fortunate to have such a wonderful, dynamic, committed group of professionals that show up each day to help children and families during the most difficult times.”

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