image of barnstable county courthouse

Test Your County Knowledge

Test Your County Knowledge!

Put your county knowledge to the test with our trivia quiz! Discover how well you know the programs, history, and key initiatives that shape our community. From environmental efforts to historical milestones, this quiz is your chance to showcase your local expertise and learn something new along the way. Are you ready to challenge yourself and learn more about the impactful work being done in your county? Let's get started!

1. What special mission does Barnstable County have?
2. How old is Barnstable County, making it one of the oldest in the United States?
3. What important document established the current governance framework in Barnstable County?
4. In what year was the Home Rule Charter for Barnstable County established?
5. How many branches of government are established in Barnstable County?
6. How many Commissioners lead the executive branch in Barnstable County?
7. Commissioners in Barnstable County are elected for how many years?
8.What is NOT a responsibility of the Barnstable County Board of Regional Commissioners?
9. How many representatives serve in the Assembly of Delegates?
10. Representatives in the Assembly of Delegates serve for how long?
11. How is a delegate's vote weight determined in the Assembly?
12. Which agency focuses on land use and economic development in Barnstable County?
13. When was the Cape Cod Commission established?
14.What does the Barnstable County Registry of Deeds handle?
15.How does Barnstable County support the towns within it?
16. What program in Barnstable County ensures community well-being?
17. What does Barnstable County's Emergency Planning focus on?
18. Why is dredging waterways critical in Barnstable County?
19. What environmental initiative does Barnstable County undertake to protect its water?
20. What assistance do SHINE Counselors provide in Barnstable County?
21.What unique focus does AmeriCorps Cape Cod have in its service to the community?