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Do You Control Ticks in Your Yard? Take this Survey for a Chance to Get a Free Evaluation of Your Property.

Cape Cod Cooperative Extension is working with the New England Center of Excellence in Vector-borne Diseases (NEWVEC) and is seeking your help in better understanding residential tick control on Cape Cod. NEWVEC began as a partnership of university research teams from each of the six New England states joining with state and local health departments and agricultural extension programs to discover, evaluate, and promote practices that reduce the burden of tick- and mosquito-borne diseases.

NEWVEC’s second year of undertaking Project ITCH, our acronym for “Is Tick Control Helping.” Project ITCH will be carried out in two phases starting Spring 2024.

In Project ITCH – phase 1, NEWVEC is asking for your participation to tell us about what you are doing at your home to reduce the incidence of ticks and tick bites. Whether you are hiring a company to spray your lawn, going with a DIY approach, or just crossing your fingers, we’d like to learn more about your experience.

In Project ITCH – phase 2, NEWVEC will gather the information you share and through a lottery process select residential properties to participate in a research study to test what’s working. We will partner with you to answer the question, “Is Tick Control Helping.” And while participating households will get free evaluation of their property, the results of Project ITCH will inform all residents about best practices to protect themselves, their families and their pets.

It all starts with you taking a few moments to answer a few survey questions. To complete the survey, please visit our web page at Participants in this survey will be eligible for consideration for Phase 2 enrollment in the future. To learn more about NEWVEC and Project ITCH, visit our web page and/or sign-up to receive updates on NEWVEC projects.

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