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The Wall Street Journal: Why Your Septic System Will Not be Ignored

By Kris Frieswick | The Wall Street Journal

Your septic system will not be ignored.

You may want to ignore it. It’s designed to be ignored—buried somewhere in your backyard, like a shameful secret or a mortal enemy who has mysteriously “disappeared.” But there is only one thing worse than personally interacting with your septic system and its component parts—the septic tank and leach field—and that is ignoring it. Much like a trophy spouse, your septic system demands little except your consideration and maintenance, without which it will make your life seriously unpleasant.

Bet you didn’t know you had a big old hunk of Moses-approved engineering history buried next to your rhododendron and arborvitae, a system that has helped to make modern civilization possible.

Read the entire article, which features a quote from Barnstable County’s Wastewater Director, Brian Baumgaertel, at Why Your Septic System Will Not Be Ignored – WSJ.