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American Heart Association: Snow Shoveling, cold temps combine for perfect storm of heart health hazards

Weather forecasters may call it ‘white fluffy stuff,’ however, snow can be a bigger danger than many people may realize. According to the American Heart Association, celebrating its Centennial birthday as the world’s leading nonprofit organization focused on heart and brain health for all, research shows that the exertion of shoveling snow may lead to an increased risk of a heart attack or sudden cardiac arrest.

The American Heart Association’s 2020 scientific statement, Exercise-Related Acute Cardiovascular Events and Potential Deleterious Adaptations Following Long-Term Exercise Training: Placing the Risks Into Perspective–An Update, notes snow shoveling among the physical activities that may place extra stress on the heart, especially among people who aren’t used to regular exercise. Numerous scientific research studies over the years have identified the dangers of shoveling snow for people with and without known heart disease.

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