image of barnstable county courthouse

A Collaborative Journey Towards Affordable Housing Solutions

During the Board of Regional Commissioners’ meeting on October 25, 2023, the Barnstable County Department of Human Services and Barrett Planning Group presented an overview of the Shared Regional Housing Services (SRHS) pilot program. This program is currently funded through FY2025 with county ARPA funds. The Department sought the Commissioners’ approval to engage with the Administration of each town throughout this process. These discussions would provide an opportunity for the project team to introduce the SRHS program to the communities, gather feedback over the two funded project years, and ultimately discuss their interest in sustaining the program beyond June 30, 2025. The Board of Regional Commissioners approved this request, endorsing the project’s continuation.

As the Department of Human Services and Barrett Planning Group embark on the process of engaging with local administration, they will maintain ongoing consultation with the Barnstable County HOME Consortium Advisory Council. This council serves as a decision-making body responsible for allocating the County’s HOME Investment Partnership Program funds and deliberating on regional housing issues and strategies. The Advisory Council comprises a representative with housing expertise from each of the fifteen towns, two at-large members, and the Affordable Housing Specialist of Cape Cod Commission as an ex officio member. Together, the Advisory Council brings their extensive knowledge of affordable housing to the development of the SRHS program.