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Tips for Mosquito Control and Prevention on Cape Cod

The recent wet and rainy weather on Cape Cod gives mosquitoes ample opportunities to find standing water to lay their eggs on. Although there’s nothing we can do about rainfall, there are some preventative measures that you can take to keep your yard from being overrun by mosquitoes this season.

One of the most important steps to avoiding a mosquito outbreak on your property is to make your yard less hospitable to them, so be mindful of standing water around your home and yard. A little bit of water can generate a lot of mosquitos quickly!  Places to pay attention to are flowerpots, buckets, wheelbarrows, tarps and make sure those rain gutters are clear.  In the event there is a large problem with mosquitos that may be coming in from outside of your property, contact Cape Cod Mosquito Control Project at their website and at phone number (508) 775-1510. They will investigate and if necessary, control them with an environmentally friendly bacteria specific for mosquitos.

Below is a graphic to help you survey your property to remove any standing water to prevent mosquito breeding and diseases. Click on the image to download a PDF copy to keep on hand. Remember to wear long clothing and repellant to protect yourself from bites! You can also reach out to Cape Cod Cooperative Extension’s County Entomologist, Larry Dapsis, at or (508) 375-6642 with any mosquito or pest questions you have.

Flyer on ways you can control and prevent mosquitoes on your property or home.
Flyer on ways you can control mosquitoes around your property or home. Click on image to download your own copy.