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Groundwater Guardians Urge Cape Codders to Prioritize Water Stewardship in New Podcast 

(April 7, 2022) – Barnstable, MAThe Cape Cod Groundwater Guardians, a small group of professionals serving with Barnstable County, are discussing rising concerns about water quality with an educational podcast called One Drop Leads to Another. The podcast, which can be found on several streaming services, provides a platform to discuss current public concerns about water resources.

As water quality continues to be a concern on Cape Cod, with failing septic systems and excess lawn fertilizers creating algal blooms and unsafe conditions, it is more critical than ever before that Cape Codders become aware of how to be stewards of our water. If Cape Cod is to continue to be a beautiful place to live and visit, residents and vacationers need to understand the importance of the sole source aquifer on Cape Cod, which provides approximately 85% of Cape Cod’s water supplies to the region.

In order to underscore the deep connection, we all have to water and to prioritize the topic of water stewardship, the Cape Cod Groundwater Guardians developed the idea for a podcast that weaves together different water-related narratives into a holistic view of the issues we face today. The title of the podcast, One Drop Leads to Another, touches on the ability each individual holds to create a better future for our water.

“The idea is to highlight the concept that one drop of water always leads to another, and that the actions we take today, good and bad, trickle down into the water of tomorrow,” said Brian Baumgaertel, Massachusetts Alternative Septic System Test Center and Groundwater Guardians member.

Zee Crocker, Executive Director at Barnstable Clean Water Coalition said, “All waters are connected. Groundwater is often contaminated with wastewater which flows through our watersheds on Cape Cod. Along the way, harmful nutrients and contaminants are deposited into our surface waters: ponds, lakes and ultimately our coastal waters. We must all do our part today to ensure clean water for the future.”

The podcast aired eight preliminary episodes to date, including episodes about mosquito control and shellfishing. Future episodes will introduce topics ranging from plastic pollution to chocolate production. Every episode will feature special guests like Arlene Blum, a celebrated biochemist, mountaineer, and pioneer in Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) activism and research. Guests will have an opportunity to discuss professional aspects of water resources and their personal reflections, intended to inspire listeners. The podcast can be found on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, etc.  Episodes will air weekly on Monday mornings.

About the Groundwater Guardians 

The One Drop Leads to Another podcast is created by the Cape Cod Groundwater Guardians. The group currently has six members from Barnstable County’s Cape Cod Cooperative Extension and The Massachusetts Alternative Septic System Test Center in partnership with members from AmeriCorps Cape Cod. In the spirit of service through Barnstable County, the group has hosted both ongoing and annual resources to residents about waste and water stewardship on Cape, including the annual Aqua Fair and educational infographics on their website,