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The Cape Cod Cooperative Extension wants every student to know where their drinking water comes from on Cape Cod.

Created by Cape Cod Cooperative Extension and AmeriCorps Cape Cod, WetFest 2021 is a virtual education festival to teach 3-6th graders about water and how to protect the Cape’s aquifer.

This environmental and water education workshop is normally conducted annually at schools across Barnstable County by AmeriCorps Cape Cod and the Cape Cod Cooperative Extension.  This program has taught thousands of Cape Cod’s youth about local and universal environmental topics such as Cape Cod’s single source aquifer, the importance of shellfish for decreasing nitrogen pollution, and many more.   Students learn about where our drinking water comes from on Cape Cod and what we can all do to protect the aquifer.  This year, with the logistical challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, WETFest 2021 has been adapted and is being offered virtually to all Cape Cod schools and homeschoolers!

Materials for the WETFest program are available to schools and homeschoolers through the end of the school year

The materials are intended for students in grades 3-6 and serve as an entertaining and fun way for students to learn about important environmental topics through lessons that meet state curriculum requirements. Over 20 individual quick lessons ranging from animated videos to playful songs will be available in a self-paced online format for teachers to incorporate into their classes. The Virtual WETFest program materials were released on Earth Day, Thursday, April 22nd, 2021 and remain available throughout the end of the school year. Homeschoolers and other educators are also able to access this program.

Schools, teachers, and educators who are interested in utilizing this program in their classrooms should contact Nicole Westfall, AmeriCorps Cape Cod member and WETFest Coordinator, at