image of barnstable county courthouse

County Administrator Jack Yunits Jr. Discusses Departure from Barnstable County on the Sunday Journal

Jack Yunits, Jr. once commented of his position as County Administrator at Barnstable County, “It is the best job in the world. I am surrounded by brilliant staff who love working for the people of Cape Cod. My role is to support them and let them do their jobs. To paraphrase from the legend Casey Stengel, ‘What makes a great baseball manager? Great players.’ Our team wins day in and out because our employees come ready and do their job.”

Jack Yunits, Jr. announced his plan last week to step down as Barnstable County Administrator.

Over the last five years, Jack has overseen the County’s day-to-day functioning, ensuring that every aspect of the County is operating efficiently, and last week he announced that he is stepping down from the position. Yesterday Jack joined the Sunday Journal to look back on his time in the role. From deficits to climate change, he discussed what challenges he and his team faced. He also discusses the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and what the County has done to meet the challenge. LISTEN HERE