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The Dredge Report – Week of November 22, 2020

A tornado warning in November! Dredging at Parker’s River with the Sand Shifter had to stop on Monday due to the high winds and seas associated with that wild weather that came through the area.

Dredging restarted on Wednesday and we were able to complete the project on Saturday.

Over in Cape Cod Bay, on Saturday we were finally able to move the Cod Fish II out of Sesuit Harbor and over to Pamet Harbor, Truro.

The following are two great pictures from the Pushboat Stephen Bradbury as she is moving the Cod Fish II to Truro in Cape Cod Bay.

Notice in the first photo the long length of pipe being towed. That is a approximately 1,500 feet of pipe! The second picture is taken from the Pushboat Stephen Bradbury toward the Truro shoreline.