image of barnstable county courthouse

Important Message from Children’s Cove

As a Child Advocacy Center, we have a distinct and multifaceted role within our Cape Cod Community. We work collaboratively with social service agencies, law enforcement, the Cape & Islands District Attorney’s office, and the community to provide a coordinated response to child abuse. As a department of Barnstable County Government, we are open and operational. While we are not staffed at the office, we have a plan in place to effectively and safely respond directly to reports of child abuse in a safe and trauma informed way.

We know that the lifelines and safe places for children who are abused have been taken away. Sometimes, home is not the safe place. 90% of perpetrators of child sexual abuse are someone the child victim knows and should be able to trust. 30-40% of the time it is a family member. For some, being at home is the worst place they can be.

For those children, we are still here. We are still open. We are still able to hear you, help you, and support you in beginning that healing process.  If you, or a loved one, suspects abuse of a child, please visit our website to learn some next steps and how to get help.