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Barnstable County Mercury Disposal Services


For Immediate Release
Date: August 21, 2019 Contact: Kalliope Chute, Hazardous Materials Environmental Specialist – Barnstable County Hazardous Materials Program


Mercury is a metallic element that people may have in their homes. It is extremely toxic to humans and can be problematic in the environment if disposed of improperly. Mercury was commonly used for thermostats, thermometers, switches, games, and other uses around the home. It is recommended to dispose of mercury correctly. If you have mercury-containing devices in your home, dispose of at the Universal Waste Shed at your Transfer Station’s Recycle Center or at your town’s Household Hazardous Waste collections. If you find a jar of mercury in your shed, garage, barn, basement, or other location give the Barnstable County Hazardous Materials Program a call. We’ll make arrangements to pick up the mercury free of charge.  Barnstable County will respond to all calls and arrange a free pickup. Call 800-319-2783 to arrange a pickup or ask questions regarding liquid mercury. No fuss, no fees- Barnstable County is working for you. More information on


See a list of common consumer products containing mercury at