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Barnstable County AmeriCorps Cape Cod 2019-2020 Individual Placement Request for Proposal Release

Kayla Baier, Program Specialist

Barnstable County AmeriCorps Cape Cod
2019-2020 Individual Placement Request for Proposal Release

AmeriCorps Cape Cod Accepting RFP
February 5, 2019 | Barnstable County, MABarnstable County AmeriCorps Cape Cod is holding two Individual Placement Request for Proposal (RFP) release meetings for all organizations that are interested in applying for an Individual Placement for the 2019-2020 program year.

Any organization that wants to apply for an Individual Placement is required to attend one of the meetings. If you are unable to attend the dates below, reach out to Kayla Baier and she can provide a recorded version of the meeting.

An Individual Placement is an opportunity for a Service Partner organization to host an AmeriCorps Cape Cod member for one, two, or three days a week. Placements should be project-based and have clear goals and objectives. Individual Placements are long term projects, lasting the duration of the service year (October 2019 – July 2020).

Projects should encompass at least one of the following AmeriCorps Cape Cod focus areas:

  • Natural Resource Management (land and water),
  • Disaster Preparedness and Response,
  • Environmental Education.
    (Volunteer Engagement is encouraged as a component of all projects.)

AmeriCorps Cape Cod members are not employees or interns of the service site, nor should they displace current employees or serve in a regular staff position. The member’s role is to focus on a specific project. To be eligible to apply for an Individual Placement, your organization must be a non-profit, school, or governmental entity within Barnstable County. All Individual Placements awarded will be contingent on continued grant funding.

The Release Meetings:
February 21, 2019 at 10AM (Webinar only) **Anyone who signs up for our Webinar will receive a link and/or
February 26, 2019 at 2:00PM (Webinar only). phone number to watch and/or call into the meetings. **

Please RSVP at
For more information contact Kayla Baier at or 508-375-6848.
AmeriCorps Cape Cod is a fulltime residential service program committed to addressing the critical environmental and disaster response needs of the Cape Cod community. AmeriCorps Cape Cod’s 23 members each provide 1,700 hours of service over an 11-month term focusing on the areas of natural resource management, disaster preparedness and response, environmental education, and volunteer engagement.

AmeriCorps Cape Cod is funded by Barnstable County and through grants from the Massachusetts Service Alliance and the Corporation for National and Community Service. AmeriCorps Cape Cod is managed through the Barnstable County Resource Development Office. For more information about AmeriCorps Cape Cod, contact the Barnstable County Resource Development Office at (508) 375-6869 or visit our website