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Survey to Address Cape Cod Childcare Needs

Fair Shot For All is a new non-profit whose mission is to educate and mobilize people to work together to reverse the growing gap in income and wealth in Massachusetts and across the country.  Fair Shot For All is focused on the issues of universal access to pre-kindergarten, debt-free college, and paid family leave. Together with Cape and Islands Voter Issues Coalition (CIVIC), Fair Shot For All seeks to advocate for universal access to preschool on the Cape and Islands. Children without access to quality preschool currently enter school at a disadvantage.

Parents and advocates can help this cause for universal access to pre-k by taking the Cape Cod Child Care Services Survey.  The survey results will support Cape Cod Voter Issues Coalition and Fair Shot For All in demonstrating to leaders and legislators that pre-K is important on Cape Cod.

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For more information, contact Sydney Throop, Community Organizer for Fair Shot For All at 310-749-2951 or

Healthy Connected Cape Cod is the conceptual framework that ties together the work of Barnstable County’s Department of Human Services. The Department supports regional approaches that engage residents, health and human service organizations, and coalitions and networks throughout Cape Cod to plan and implement activities that promote health and well-being for County residents.