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27 Confirmed Cases of Whooping Cough in 2015 in Barton County

There have been 27 cases of whooping cough confirmed by the KDHE [Kansas Department of Health and Environment] in Barton County this year [2015]. The outbreak in Barton County started in December last year [2014] when an infant died from whooping cough.  When more cases were confirmed, Barton County’s Health Department held a free TDaP [DTaP] vaccination clinic and had over 1000 people immunized.

Whooping cough can appear just like a cold or allergies when it first starts. “It depends on if it’s associated with a low-grade fever; pertussis does have just kind of like cold-like symptoms, viral-like symptoms in the beginning. If that progresses and doesn’t go away you need to go see your provider,” said Debra Brockel a physician’s assistant with Clara Barton Hospital.