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Cape Cod Cooperative Extension Turns 100 Years Old!

Barnstable County’s Cape Cod Cooperative Extension turns 100 years old this September and the department has been using this anniversary as the perfect platform to show off their programs & services in a big, FANSTASTIC way!!  The always progressive department has released a professional video they had produced to highlight the programs and services of their department. It is a fresh, light-hearted and complete “teaser” of their many program areas, complete with lots of footage from the various areas their services take them, with department personnel used throughout the entire production. It is a wonderful whirlwind tour offering a clear, firm snapshot of what Extension has to offer, and all in under 3 minutes!  Watch the video and scroll below for even more news from Cape Cod Cooperative Extension.

Cape Cod Cooperative Extension also produced an interactive, online timeline showing the history, beginning with President Woodrow Wilson and the signing of the Smith Lever Act, establishing the official department, to the multifaceted, and progressive force across Cape Cod that it is today.  The timeline is a succinct, well done presentation of the department’s important history.   Click the image below to view and share.

Cape Cod Cooperative Extension Timeline

Barnstable County is proud of the important work that Cape Cod Cooperative Extension performs across their many program areas and across our region.  Please visit the Cape Cod Cooperative Extension website for more information.

Cape Cod Cooperative Extension Programs List