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Massachusetts Healthy Aging Data Report Available

Two new tools are available for communities within Barnstable County: the Massachusetts Healthy Aging Data Report and the Massachusetts Healthy Aging Collaborative interactive website were recently released at the 2014 Healthy Aging in the Commonwealth Conference hosted by the Tufts Health Plan Foundation and the Massachusetts Health Policy Forum.

The report and website provide tools for communities to implement more customized programs through data comparisons of physical, social, and health variables from multiple federal and state data sources for Massachusetts. The report details individual town data alongside state averages, allowing for a comparison of how a town is doing relative to the rest of the state by each variable. This information will enable communities to address local challenges and better allocate resources to those areas of greater need.

The report lists nearly 100 healthy aging indicators for older adults in each of the Commonwealth’s 351 cities and towns as well as the 16 neighborhoods of Boston. Users can download the community profile of an individual city or town, or download the profiles of all cities and towns within a specific county. Those interested specifically in our region can see how Cape Cod fairs in the Barnstable County Healthy Aging Profile Report.