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In Focus: The Demographic and Socioeconomic Landscape of Barnstable County

The Barnstable County Department of Human Service’s has released a new publication In Focus: The Demographic and Socioeconomic Landscape of Barnstable County. The primary purpose in creating this report is to provide the socioeconomic and demographic characteristics of Barnstable County that are of particular relevance to the health and human services community. This report includes data presented to a variety of audiences earlier in the year, but is considerably more comprehensive.

This newest report expands on the Department’s Human Condition series of reports 2004 – 2009 and represents a broad range of indicators, tracks changes over time, and compares Barnstable County with Massachusetts as a whole. This report adds to the Department’s collection of data and analysis reports which can be found in the Department Reports and Publications.

The report represents the work of Christine Stein, PhD, Senior Project Manager for the Department of Human Services, and has been a major investment of her time and commitment over the past several months.  The Barnstable County Health and Human Services Advisory Council provided feedback on early versions of the report and added valuable insight about particular indicators they wanted to see represented in the report. 

We realize this report does not capture every dimension of the demographic and socioeconomic landscape and so we welcome questions and additional requests for demographic and socioecomomic data not found in this report – including town level data.