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Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services – MDPH CLAS Manual

A guide to providing culturally and linguistically appropriate services in a variety of public health settings.

The DPH CLAS Initiative is pleased to present this latest tool to assist agencies with implementing the CLAS Standards. The manual offers innovative and practical approaches for agencies to incorporate the federal CLAS principles and practices into all aspects of organizational activities. “Making CLAS Happen: Six Areas for Action” divides the standards into six chapters:

  • Foster cultural competence
  • Build community partnerships
  • Collect and share diversity data
  • Benchmark: plan and evaluate
  • Reflect and respect diversity
  • Ensure language access

Each chapter includes hands on tools, resources lists and case studies from public health and social service providers across Massachusetts.

CLAS Coordinator
Department of Public Health
Office of Health Equity, 5th Floor
250 Washington Street
Boston, MA 02108

  • CLAS Manual Survey (PDF) | Word
  • CLAS Manual Letter (PDF) | Word
  • CLAS Introduction (PDF 4MB) | Word
  • Chapter 1 (PDF 4MB) | Word
  • Chapter 2 (PDF 4MB) | Word
  • Chapter 3 (PDF 5MB) | Word
  • Chapter 4 (PDF 3MB) | Word
  • Chapter 5 (PDF 4MB) | Word
  • Chapter 6 (PDF 3MB) | Word
  • Appendices and Glossary (PDF 4MB) | Word

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