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Healthy Connected Cape Cod

The Barnstable County Health and Human Services Advisory Council (HHSAC) has prioritized issues for action by County government, make recommendations for new, modified or expanded programs and increase public awareness of human service issues on Cape Cod.  The Advisory Council wants to build a healthier community on Cape Cod by engaging consumers and clients of the various organizations, networks and collaboratives of the HHSAC.  Results of data collected over the last five years by Barnstable County indicate that hunger and mental health are consistently ranked as two critical concerns in our community.

The first year project is “Healthy and Happy Eating for All”.  This project addresses healthy eating as a social determinant to good physical and mental health.  The project will consider three areas: individual behavior, physical and social environmental factors, and food system issues.

Goals: Year One

Goal 1: Increase awareness of existing nutrition and food-based opportunities and programs and increase participating in congregate meals, food pantries, nutrition classes, community gardens, farmers markets, school based wellness programs and promote these programs.

Goal 2: Increase the amount of healthy food donated and utilized by consumers at food pantries.

Goal 3: Promote a community driven advocacy and public education program around the concept around healthy and happy eating.

Goal 4: Support promising programs and practices that contribute to happy and healthy eating.