image of barnstable county courthouse

Considering the ‘What If’s: Changes to Title 5

In Massachusetts, the changes to Title 5 are intended to directly address nitrogen pollution at the source to help reverse environmental degradation from septic systems that has taken place over decades. This is not a small challenge.

After learning more about the changes to Title 5, you may be wondering how you can be part of the solution. There are many ways; some big, some small. Some of the solutions may require you to change your habits, while others may require a bit of research. Almost all of the steps we’ve outlined below will require getting to know your town government, or better yet participating in it. The cost of doing nothing is unacceptable to most of us who know and love Cape Cod. Further, damaged water resources will eventually lead to significant loss of economic value for the region.

The time to change is now. By focusing on a common goal of protecting our vulnerable water resources, we can work together to affect change for ourselves and generations to come.”