image of barnstable county courthouse

Shining a Green Light for Veterans in Barnstable County

Barnstable County to Participate in Operation Green Light for Veterans

Barnstable County will illuminate Superior Court House, the cupola and statues in green light from November 6-12, during the week of Veteran’s Day holiday, as part of Operation Green Light for Veterans, a nationwide effort uniting counties to support military veterans. The initiative, led by the National Association of Counties (NACo), raises awareness around the unique challenges faced by many veterans and the resources available at the county, state, and federal levels to assist veterans and their families.

The green lighting of Superior Court House serves as a symbolic gesture of appreciation and support for veterans. It aims to convey a clear message of solidarity with those who have served their country, encouraging them to reach out to their county’s veteran service officers for assistance and guidance.

Residents and Businesses are Invited to Participate

Residents of Barnstable County are encouraged to join in the effort by changing a light bulb in their homes and businesses to green during the same week.