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Latest in Gerontology Series

The Center for Corporate and Professional Education at Cape Cod Community College announces the next available Gerontology Workshops pdf icon

Medication Misuse and Error (WHN021-67)
Wednesday 5/11/2016; 5-7:30pm, 1 session
Explore the exploding problem of drug over-use, misuse and error that puts older adults at high risk for drug-related problems. Learn guidelines to accurately recognize assess & intervene appropriately.

Coping with Chronic Illness (WHN045-67)
Wednesday 5/18/2016; 5-7:30pm, 1 session
An overview of major chronic conditions, how the current health care system fails older adults & a look at innovative programming and alternative strategies to help patients better manage their illnesses.

End of Life Issues & Concerns (WHN023-67)
Wednesday 5/25/2016; 5-7:30pm, 1 session
A look at attitudes towards death, and how these influence interactions with people at the end of life. Intervention techniques that facilitate both the acceptance of death as part of the life cycle & the grieving/mourning process are explored.

Seniors, Alcohol and Prescription Drug Addiction (WHN111-67)
Wednesday 6/1/2016; 5-7:30pm, 1 session
According to the National Clearinghouse for Alcohol & Drug Information, 17% or adults over age 60 abuse prescription drugs. Research on elderly alcoholics is scant but suggests that 10 to 15% of elders seeking medical attention have an alcohol related problem. Unfortunately, present screening and diagnostic methods, coupled with elder isolation, prevents many older adults with addictions from being detected and treated. This workshop examines how older addicts present differently, and examines assessment and treatment approaches.

Emotional Distress in Later Life (WHN112-67)
Wednesday 6/8/2016; 5-7:30pm, 1 session
Many older people experience emotional distress and may act in inappropriate or uncharacteristic ways such as being suspicious, anxious, agitated, stubborn and combative. These maladaptive coping behaviors are frustrating to informal and formal caregivers alike, and can stand in the way of providing much needed help. Untreated they can grow worse over time and even dangerous. This workshop examines the nature and etiology of these behaviors and therapeutic responses.

Loss, Bereavement & Depression (WHN016-67)
Wednesday 6/15/2016; 5–7:30pm, 1 session
Depression, the major mental health problem of older adults, is often under-diagnosed & under-treated. Examine the many faces of depression, identify the risks for suicide, and review treatment alternatives.