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Fishing Partnership Supports Local Commercial Fishing Families

Morgan Parker is a member of a Cape fishing family and is the Fishing Partnership’s local “Navigator” supporting commercial fishing families here on Cape Cod.  Fishing Partnership is a non-profit organization with a charter to support the health and well-being of fishing families in New England. Founded in 1997, the partnership connects members with a broad range of professional counseling services; provide assistance with health insurance applications; and offer safety and survival trainings and other special health-oriented events for fishing families.
Fishing Partnership members may work in different fisheries but the organization reflects the simple fact that what fishing families have in common is more important that what sets them apart.  Morgan is the daughter of a fisherman and her mother is not only also a fisherman, she was one of the Fishing Partnership’s original Navigators. Prior to becoming a Navigator, Morgan was a co-founder and advocate for a consumer direct market for local and sustainable fish on Cape Cod. She is clearly carrying on the family tradition of providing support and resources to the fishing community. To get support for your Cape Cod fishing family, contact Morgan at 508-237-9402 or