image of barnstable county courthouse

BCIMT – March Blizzard

The Barnstable County MACC will be operational for the upcoming storm event. The MACC will be run out of the Barnstable County Complex at the Harborview Conference Room.

We have 2 operational periods planned, with a standby crew selected if a 3rd period is needed.

The first operational period is 2AM – 10AM:
1) Chrystal Lapine
2) Joshua Nigro
3) Adam Hansen
4) N-Star Representative
5) MEMA Representative

The second operational period is 10AM – 6PM:
1) Michael Walker
2) Phil Burt
3) Matt Regan
4) Christina Brown
5) N-Star Representative
6) MEMA Representative

Please park vehicles in front of the new County Lab building (when facing the jail – lab is to the right) next to the large white van.