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Yank That Tank!


Residential Underground Storage Tank LOAN PROGRAM

0% Interest Loans

For Tank Removal! 

Residential Underground Storage Tank (RUST) removal loans are 0% interest and repayable up to 10 years.

This loan covers the costs of:

  •       Removing your residential underground storage tank for home heating fuel.
  •       Replacing your residential underground storage tank.
  •      Cleaning and/or repairing the lines to your residential underground storage tank.

      This loan program is not applicable to commercial, municipal or industrial underground storage tanks, or any associated RUST oil leak clean up fees.

Call today for more information: 508.375.6908

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Consider Finally Removing Your RUST… & Remove Your Worry!

Homeowners on Cape Cod are concerned about the impact a Residential Underground Storage Tank (RUST) removal will have on their property—and their checkbook! Undertaking a RUST removal project isn’t always as invasive as you think, and now financial assistance is available to Yank that Tank! In most cases, the RUST can be removed or replaced in a timely manner and your property can be returned to its preexisting state. Most homeowners have heard stories about leaking RUSTs and the impact these have. If you do find an oil tank leak, the cleanup process, although not covered by the RUST Loan Program, does not have to be a major project. If your Residential Underground Storage Tank is at the end of its life cycle, then NOW is the time to find out more information! Consider a RUST removal loan, at 0% interest,to finally remove the RUST from your property.Removing your tank can also remove your concern over a potential larger problem, such as the cost to clean up a fuel oil tank leak on your property.

Help is Available!

Contact your local Fire Department to find out more about your Residential Underground Storage Tank (RUST). Each RUST has a tag number which  records the type, age, etc. of each tank. You can also contact Barnstable County Health for this information.

Has your RUST reached the end of its allowable storage time?

Your local Fire Department representative and your local Health Department can help you understand the time limits and removal requirements.

Thinking of selling or transferring your property? Removing your old RUST will help ensure a smoother transaction.

Was your RUST never tagged when installed? If this is your situation, you still can qualify for a RUST Removal Loan.

Remember, our regional goal is RUST removal! This will help protect our groundwater resources here on Cape Cod.

Reduce potential oil leak problems or liability with your old RUST. ContactBarnstableCounty to discuss your questions, concerns and removal options.

Phone: 508.375.6908
Fax: 508.362.2603

Be Proactive: Test & Maintain Your RUST!

How do you know if you have a leaking RUST? Tank tightness tests, soil tests and vapor tests can help evaluate whether your tank structure has a leak. For a nominal fee of $30.00, your Residential Underground Storage Tank (RUST) can be vapor tested by the Barnstable County Department of Health & Environment. To find out if an annual vapor test is required in your town, contact your local Health Department. If you are considering abandoning your tank—use caution! Abandoning an old RUST can result in larger costs to you in the future if you must remove a heavy, sand-filled tank in order to sell or transfer your property. Contact your local Fire Department for more information on abandonment of tanks.