What is HMIS?

The Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) is a required activity of the Continuum of Care (CoC) grant program. HMIS is an information management system used to collect data on the provision of housing and services to individuals and families experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness.  The information that is collected by the HMIS helps to provide an accurate count of the homeless population and track the patterns of services used, as well as the locations of populations and services. This data is used to evaluate the effectiveness of services and to analyze where funding would be most appropriate. This data is also used in HUD’s annual reporting to Congress. Barnstable County serves as the Lead Entity for the administration of the Cape and Islands CoC HMIS.

For more information, contact Martha Taylor, HMIS Program Manager, at martha.taylor@capecod.gov.


what is hmis

SPOTLIGHT: Cape Cod and Islands Continuum of Care Homeless Management Information System – new system update.

On Monday, December 20, the Cape Cod and Islands Continuum of Care’s Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) transitioned from our old software product to a new system, WellSky’s Servicepoint. Servicepoint is accessible and easy to use, it provides streamlined data collection and data entry, it supports the CoC’s fully functioning Coordinated Entry System, it is structured to accommodate efficient workflows, and it offers an extensive library of built in (canned) reports, as well as the option to customize reports to meet local needs.

Accounts for Agency Administrators and End Users were set up and activated on December 20. System users who were unable to participate in live trainings were issued accounts upon completion of WellSky Servicepoint training videos. Training videos may be accessed by clicking on the links in the HMIS USER RESOURCES below.

New End Users should watch at least one of the End User training videos, while new Agency Administrators should watch the Agency Admin training video plus at least one of the End User training videos. When finished, please contact Martha Taylor, HMIS Program Manager, to create an account and to be issued a username and password: martha.taylor@capecod.gov.


HMIS Tech Tip of the Month


When you are inputting a new project entry assessment for a client in Servicepoint, entering the sub-assessments for Disabilities, Health Insurance, Cash Income, and Non-Cash Benefits can seem tedious. If you add each item one by one by using the ADD button (see [1]), they ARE tedious! But there is a shortcut that will save lots of time and keystrokes.

Instead of using the ADD button, click on HUD VERIFICATION (see [2]), which will bring up the HUD VERIFICATION CHART (see [3]). The default setting for this chart will be INCOMPLETE for each DISABILITY TYPE. Click on the NO button, which will change all answers to NO. Then you can select any individual category for which the answer should be YES and change it in the YES column. If you do click YES, the ADD RECORDSET screen will pop up. Select a response from the dropdown menu for EXPECTED TO BE OF LONG DURATION, then click SAVE. On the HUD VERIFICATION CHART, click SAVE & EXIT. All the DISABILITIES will now show on the sub-assessment with the appropriate response entered. Use the same process for Health Insurance, Cash Income, and Non-Cash Benefits.

may tech tip of the month

may tech tip of the month


HMIS Updates

Stay tuned, updates coming soon.