Underground Storage tank being dug up

What is the “RUST Loan Program”?

In an ongoing effort to protect Cape Cod’s groundwater resources from leaking underground petroleum storage tanks, BCDHE established the Residential Underground Storage Tank (RUST) loan program in 2013. The RUST removal loan provides financing at 0% with a payback period of 10 years! If it is time to remove your residential underground storage tank, replace it, or repair the fuel lines under your home’s foundation, consider the RUST loan.

How do I know if my RUST needs to be removed at my property?

All boards of health on Cape Cod have implemented regulations requiring that underground storage tanks be periodically tested and removed from the ground at specified times, typically when the tank reaches 30 years of age.  Also, as a service to local boards of health, BCDHE tracks tanks that need to be tested and removed, and performs soil vapor testing of these tanks to detect any leakage.

I have questions about my RUST and the loan program, where can I find help?

If you own a property or have questions regarding a property where a residential underground storage tank for home heating fuel is located, or you have questions regarding the removal process for a RUST, please don’t hesitate to contact Amy L. Alati at 508-375-6908 for information. All consultations are confidential and FREE of charge.

“Remove your worry, Remove your RUST!”