4H Youth Development

  • Various project areas, including citizenship, science, animal care, and many others.
  • Leadership training for teens and adults.
  • Organizing community and school 4-H clubs.
  • Learning life skills.

Woman working with child in garden

Horticulture, Agriculture & Master Gardener

  • Master Gardener Program to assist with landscape and gardening questions.
  • Horticulture technical assistance.
  • Education for small farm owners.
  • Factsheets and resources.

Protect water sign

Hazardous Waste and Water

  • Household Hazardous Waste collection.
  • Proper disposal of household waste.
  • Water and aquifer education.
  • Small business waste disposal.

Woman Cooking

Nutrition Education and Food Safety

  • Food safety and nutrition education.
  • Food access assistance.
  • ServSafe certification and recertification.
  • Recipes, cooking videos, and cookbooks.


Our goal is to ensure that the next generation can enjoy Cape Cod’s natural splendor as much as we do. Check out our calendar and sign up for our newsletters to find out about future events, upcoming workshops, and available resources on our efforts