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Regional County Clerk

Duties of the Regional County Clerk

The Barnstable County Clerk’s Roles and Responsibilities are defined by: 

The Barnstable County Home Rule Charter Section 4-2-2 Office of the Regional Clerk. There shall be a regional clerk, appointed by the board of regional commissioners to serve for a term of office as established by ordinance.  The regional clerk shall be a person especially qualified by education, training, and experience to perform the duties of the office.  The office of the regional clerk shall coordinate and supervise all election and election-related matters affecting the Cape Cod regional government with the city and town clerks, boards of registrars of voters, election commissions, and other local officers performing similar duties.  The regional clerk may, if chosen by the assembly of delegates, serve as clerk of the Assembly of Delegates.  The office of the regional clerk shall perform and may exercise such other powers and duties as may be assigned by this charter, by ordinance or by another vote of the Assembly of Delegates. 

Ordinance 16-10. The Clerk of the Regional Cape Cod Government is hereby authorized to swear into the office any and all elected or appointed officials of the Cape Cod Regional Government. 

The Barnstable County Clerk does not service the state court system or the Barnstable County registry of deeds. 

robin young

Robin Young

Regional County Clerk

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