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2019-2020 Charter Review

A Charter Review is established in accordance with:

Barnstable County Home Rule Charter Article 9, General Provisions, Section 9-4, Periodic Review, Charter and Ordinances.

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Charter/Ordinance Review at least once in every five years, in years ending in a five or in a zero.

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In June of 2019, the Assembly initiated a Charter Review process adopting Resolution 19-02.

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Charter Review Committee Members

E. Suzanne McAuliffe, Chair; Susan Moran, Vice-Chair (resigned 5-21-20); Douglas Brown (appointed July 2020) ; Mary Chaffee; J. Terence Gallagher; Lilli Ann Green; Elizabeth Harder; Christopher Kanaga; James Killion; Deborah McCutcheon; Thomas O’Hara; Brian O’Malley; John Ohman; Randi Potash; Patrick Princi; Linda Zuern.

Recall Sub-Committee Members

The Recall Sub-committee was appointed by the Charter Review Committee Chair in August of 2019.

Susan Moran, Chair (resigned 5-21-20); Mary Chaffee Vice-Chair; Elizabeth Harder; Deborah McCutcheon

Meeting Minutes, Agendas and Associated Documents